Life After Cheerleading

Fat; not fat.

I personally don’t think it’s about ‘being fat’, ‘having flab’ or ‘hating food’. I believe it’s about having a balance in your life and being comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Let’s start from the beginning of the end

I stopped Cheerleading a year ago. After six years of this strenuous exercise; learning gymnastics and flexibility; building human pyramids; working together for cheer stunts; and dancing my heart out, I decided to put it aside. Although my reasons for the decision were mature, such as money and preparing for our wedding in November, it was still a tough one to make. It became a part of my life, especially when it came to keeping active. So, since I’ve stopped being a Cheerleader I had to make a conscious effort to exercise and here’s what I have been doing…

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I’ve actually put weight on since stopping Cheerleading yet I’m definitely in no position to call myself fat. I’d say I’ve developed a few more curves I’m still getting used to and I’m sad that I can no longer see my faint six pack I once had, but that is not why I stay active. I can physically feel my body screaming at me to get up and get moving. These are the things I’ve been doing to keep myself and my body happy:


I know that cardiovascular exercise is one of the most important ways of keeping active. So, I go jogging and although I do have a gym membership, I still very much enjoy jogging outdoors. The blissful weather we’ve had during the summer helped make this a recurring thing too as it’s so much nicer running when the sun is licking your face. I also love the outdoors, so not only am I getting the benefit of running but also the pleasure from breathing the fresh air whilst I do a few laps in my local country park.


Well, I decided that even though I’ve stopped Cheerleading I don’t want to stop stretching out my splits. I worked hard for 6 whole years to be able to finally do the box splitย let alone the normal splits so I’m definitely not giving that up until I have to. After cardio I always take 15/20 out on the mat in the gym or on my yoga matt at home to stretch my leg muscles out.


I used to do loads of hot yoga when I first stopped Cheerleading (I tried Bikram but never went back because I hated it) which was fun and exciting as it was totally different to the fast pace of what I was used to, but it slowly fizzled out. I did however learn a few yoga moves I still do whilst stretching or relaxing. I continue to do the breathing exercises the trainer used to make up do at hot yoga as I find it’s really good at releasing tension. I also continue to ‘ground’ myself into the earth and stretch out in yoga positions.


I love that my gym has a swimming pool and spa facilities. Each time I work out I use swimming as my treat for finishing as well as the sauna and steam room. It makes it doubly more worth the hard work I put in upstairs on the cross trainer and treadmill. I also use this time to let my mind wander which is always useful for a balanced sense of being ๐Ÿ™‚

I do awfully miss Cheerleading, especially the sense of team work and commitment that every member had to put in, but the time came to put it aside and now I’m concentrating on a few other bits to keep myself healthy and happy.

What is your favourite form of exercise?


Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.


  • September 23, 2016

    Cathy Glynn

    At the minute I am really struggling with exercise due to back surgery but hopefully with the help of my physio this will change. You look amazing x

  • September 23, 2016

    Mellissa Williams

    Zumba is my favourite form of exercise. It is so much fun and that is the key to enjoying exercise I think

  • September 23, 2016


    I dance ballet for 12 years and when I stopped I didn’t want to do any exercising at all. I started yoga a while ago and really love it.

  • September 23, 2016

    Dean of Little Steps

    I used to run when I was single, but admittedly ever since having T i haven’t done any form of exercise. I would love to do yoga, but have yet to find one available near by ๐Ÿ™‚

  • September 23, 2016


    Oh wow cheer leading is so good for you, isn’t it. I use to run a lot and since stopping I have slow gain lots of weight. It got me down but I have eventually join a new running club. I can not wait to see the difference ๐Ÿ™‚

  • September 25, 2016

    Kerry Norris

    I’ve just started a fitness kick this week. I actually tried a hot yoga class and really enjoyed it (although I wasn’t very good at it lol). I’d love to take up jogging too x

  • September 27, 2016

    Laura H

    I love hot yoga! I haven’t done it in the UK, only when I was away in China for a long time. Looks like you’ve got a good exercise regime ๐Ÿ™‚