Life Update: Being Mr and Mrs Ghost

Our wedding came and went, and I’ve been Mrs Ghost for over two months now.

I can definitely feel that the whirlwind of wedding preparations finally passed. I finally have time to watch TV, to relax and to enjoy a relaxing bath now and again. Trust me it’s impossible to have one in the 3 months that run up to your wedding day.

As I have some time on my hands (a luxury you should NEVER take for granted by the way) I thought I would update you on the exciting things we have planned 🙂

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Personalised doormat* from I Just love it

With our honeymoon booked (a Caribbean cruise!) and myself settling into a new job, I feel that this year already began in a great way and am hopeful that it’s going to bring lots of exciting things ahead too. AND BEFORE you get excited no I’m not planning to have a child. I am however planning to redecorate and here are my top priorities for 2016…

Finish the Home Office

I started working from home more regularly this year due to the new job. I very much enjoy waking up a little later than usual on a gloomy Monday morning but I don’t like that I eat SO MUCH MORE. I realised that as the home office isn’t finished I sit in the dining room and as it’s an open plan area connected to the kitchen… well, I end up munching on things that are right there.

To stop me gorging needlessly (and prevent me putting on more weight after christmas…) I need to:

  • Upcycle an old wooden desk with drawers that’s sitting in the garage
  • Upcycle my office chair that I bought from Gumtree
  • Get some curtains because the room currently doesn’t have any
  • Add a mirror to make it look bigger and lighter

I’m planning to document my upcycling projects so do keep an eye out for those 🙂

Paint the Bedroom White

Ever since we’ve bought the property we’ve had a purple bedroom. Although it’s a nice colour, it’s overwhelming. The room has purple walls (all of them!), purple carpets and the previous owners even left the purple curtains! Yuk. I can’t wait to brighten the room up, neutralise it even. I’m simply worried it might take more than a couple of coats of white paint to do so.

With lovely off-white coloured walls I think a double wooden bed frame will go in nicely in the bedroom so that’s another thing to think about changing.

Get Rid of the Blue Lounge

I don’t know what the previous owners were thinking. They had a dark blue little bedroom, a bright pink larger bedroom and a purple master bedroom, and that’s not all! The lounge is completely blue. Luckily, the shade they chose is a pastel blue but it’s just a flat, uninspiring colour. Maybe I’m picky but I prefer warm and welcoming colours when it comes to the living room. It’s easier to cuddle up that way 😉

We’ve hoping to paint the walls an almond colour and the interior design to have accents of deep red which will all tie in nicely together with our dark brown wooden floors. I can’t wait to add the finishing touches to make it homey too.

Save up for New Bathrooms

You might have seen my post on Why I’m dreaming of my dream bathroom makeover post. Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition but I’m still hopeful something will come up. Maybe I’ll win the lottery one day!

Anyway, we have two bathrooms. One is upstairs, the main one, which isn’t too bad but it’s outdated and harbors a few broken bits. Then there’s the small toilet downstairs which has lots of broken tiles but it has my favourite feature wall because of the wallpaper I customised. As we can’t afford to do any major work, it’s definitely the year to start saving up for our dream bathrooms.


At another glance it seems that the whole house needs redecorating … haha. To be truthful I don’t know where to start. Help me; what room would you redecorate first? 



Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.

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