Lip-tastic Red from Rimmel

Ruby red is super popular this autumn and lipstick colours are no exception to this. Red lips can really finish off your look so I thought I’d review two different Rimmel lipsticks, one a lip balm, the other a lip lacquer. Both are from amazing Life and Looks and are just over £5 each!

beauty review item for lips face

beauty review item for lips face

swatches lines of lipstick red crayon rimmel

Apocalips left | Colour Rush balm right

Red Lip Balm

red lip crayon balm colour rush subtle

lip balm review from rimmel london life and looks

I found the Colour Rush Lip Balm a subtle red shade. It seems more natural to me and easy to put on even for work and not just a date or a day out. I like that this one moisturises too, making it perfect for when it’s cold outside and as I live in England it’s often so… haha. A perfect daily balm me thinks!

Thick Red Lips

apolcalips rimmel london lip stick review red

lush red lip lacquer rimmel

This lush Apocalips Lip Lacquer is bolder than the balm. It’s striking and thick – seriously seductive and ideal for a night out. It momentarily adds a pop of colour to any outfit and makes instant impact to your look. I love that it’s soft, easy to spread and even lasts a long time too. I think if I wore it out, I’d finish it off with a darker lip liner, really giving the lips that focus.

Have you tried either of the two and what did you think?


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