Live, Laugh and Love a Luxury Lilac Lounge

sofasofa purple lilac and white interior blog lounge living room

There’s something seriously soothing about lilac shades.

It’s fresh, it’s feminine and perfect for spring when there are flourishing flowers galore. So, I thought I’d quickly put together a few of my favourite lilac lounge ideas – be sure to tell me which one you like best in the comments below!

lilac pastel purple sofa


DFS pastel pink purple lilac lounge living room ideas


purple sofa from sofasofa lifestyle interior photography


I guess what attracted me to the pastel purple hues is the relaxing atmosphere that it makes in the living room space. It also screams luxury, don’t you agree? I can definitely see myself being treated like a princess in one of these rooms 😉

I also love how reflective surfaces, from copper accents to ombre glass vases, work so well in the space as well as the white textures, be it a cushion or a shaggy rug, which compliment the subtle purple decor or even the not-so-subtle statement sofas.

I’ve also noticed how well the lilac tones work with the wooden floors. As I’m a big fan of both, I’m slowly falling in love with these lilac lounge ideas and need to come up with a plan to persuade my other half that he feels the same…

Any tips? hehe.

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