London Fashion Weekend 2014 Part 2

I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend twice! Whereas London Fashion Weekend part 1 focused on the trends, this post is more about the designer catwalk by Nicholas Oakwell.

On my second day I chose a completely different style. Unlike my first chic choice that you can see in my previous post, the Sunday was more of a bad-ass ‘terminator’ look. I wore my patterned skirt from River Island, a black shirt from an indie shop with a Primark statement necklace and my Topshop leather jacket. Let’s not forget my awesome looking owl bag I got as a present too.

LFWEND statement black patterned outfit

Also, I was trying on the designer cats eye glasses at one of the stalls – I think they fit my outfit perfectly!

glasses and statement necklace look

Apart from trying things on and looking at all the great deals, my friends and I ended up at the bar…

prosseco bar london fashion weekend friends blog

And now here’s a glimpse into some of the most amazing things that I saw on the designer catwalk…


A lot of the styled outfits were very much extravagant and wonderful. I especially loved the monochrome ombre dress – which one did you like most?

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