Lush: Holly Golightly Bubble Bar

I made a promise to you, my lovely readers, that I’ll review all the Lush items in the my 12 Days of Christmas box that I got for xmas.

So, here’s the first and it’s the most Christmasy of all. Not only because it’s a holly but also because of the spiced smells it immediately evokes.

holly golightly bath bomb christmas xmas lush

I took a massive chunk and put it into the bath, which went all green! You will also be impressed with the bubbles, it makes loads of them. I was easily lost within the clouds of bubbles in my bath 🙂

As you can see in the picture it’s super glittery but it immediately disintegrates when put in water – thank goodness! I was glad that I didn’t come out like a disco ball haha.

It smells gorgeous, definitely seasonal, with cinnamon and citrus leading the way for that Christmas spice aroma.

Have you tried the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar?

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