How to Make Personalised Christmas Baubles with Fabric

Being part of the Prestigious Textiles fabric advent calendar meant I could design my very own bespoke baubles using fabric.

As I’ve never done this before I had to do a lot of research and here’s my Pinterest board that gave me plenty of ideas and tutorials from which I’ve improvised.

Easy DIY Fabric Bauble Tutorial

plain bauble with fabric ribbon and bow purple velvet fabric over bauble design pleated velvet fabric over bauble for hanging ribbon and bow on fabric bauble decoration

This bauble decoration is really simple and takes about half an hour, if that. You don’t even need glue 🙂

What you Will Need:

Bauble that’s 6 inches in diametre

A square of fabric that’s 8 inches

An elastic band


A decorative bow

How to make Your own Fabric Bauble:

  • Wrap the fabric square around your bauble. Pleat it in equal folds if possible for a neat finish.
  • Once you’re happy that it looks good all around, use the elastic band to tie it into place.
  • Then use the ribbon to hide the elastic band. It will also ensure that the fabric will not move from it’s place.
  • Cut the excess fabric at the top to neaten the edges and so that it’s all equal.
  • Add the bow for decoration and it’s ready to be hung up!

Hexagon Bauble Design

hexagon pattern fabric quilting hexagons patterned bauble design sewing hexagons together to make the bauble patterned fabric design bauble xmas decor hanging xmas decorations fabric craft baubles

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Hexagon Bauble Tutorial

I was inspired by this blogger, who created the most beautiful hexagon shapes and stitched them together to make a beautiful fabric bauble. I must admit it was difficult as I messed up my measurements but here’s how to do it properly…


What you will need:

4 different fabric patterns




Sewing needle

Cotton thread

A plain bauble

How to Make your own Hexagon Bauble step by step:

  • Measure your bauble and get the diameter
  • Work out how many hexagons you would like to cover it (whether you’d like the hexagons to be big or small)
  • Use tracing paper to test out your measurements because the above is very tricky!
  • If possible use that tracing paper to cut out hexagons from the fabric but remember to leave half a CM of material that will allow you to stitch them together
  • Once you’ve cut out all of your fabric hexagons, choose the arrangement in which each hexagon pattern should go on your bauble
  • Sew each one together, one by one
  • It gets tricky when you’ve nearly covered the whole bauble so watch out
  • Happy sewing!

Top Tip: if you miscalculated like I did use a spare bit of fabric to cover the remaining gap… 😉

I will keep adding to here when I make new designs too so keep checking for other DIY fabric bauble ideas!

Will you be making your own baubles with fabric this year?

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