My First Wedding Fair

Getting engaged means you have plenty of excuses to go wedding dress shopping, talk about your future plans and most importantly attend fun wedding fairs with your best friends!

My first wedding fair has it all, from photographers and catering options to table decorations and, of course wedding dresses.


wedding dresses to try on

Try on Wedding Dresses

At every opportunity try all different styles of wedding dresses because you’ll be surprised what may suit. Something that you haven’t even thought would look nice on you may end up looking spectacular! From full wedding dresses to fishtail wedding dresses, we found them all at the fair.


A Princess Wedding Dress

A Princess Wedding Dress

Seeing the fashionable wedding dresses is always a great way to determine what to look out for. Be prepared to get very very excited about your wedding after it too, as on your wedding day you’ll be the centre of attention just like the models on the catwalk. I absolutely loved this full wedding dress that made the bride simply look like a real-life princess!

Also, I very much enjoyed the wedding coach presentation, where lots of tips about posture, walking and smiling were given.


Wedding Sweet Cart

The Wedding Sweet Cart

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of the wedding is the food. At a wedding fair, there is food galore! So, be prepared to nibble on canapé, cupcakes, chocolates and lots and lots of sweeties!

That’s why, quite simply, a wedding fair is an opportunity you should definitely not miss out on. So, go for your own engagement or drag a bride-to-be. Have fun!




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