My Goals for 2017

Every year I like to set myself goals.

Whether it’s personal development or a home improvement I like to know that I’ve achieved something by the end of the year. It’s true that there are some things you can never predict… or expect, for example, we had no idea that we’d be getting a puppy in 2016 because although I’ve wanted a dog since my childhood Samoyed, there was no way I thought we’d be able to fit a four legged friend into our lives. Anyway, enough of 2016 and on to 2017 goal setting.


Up-Skill Myself

Interiors online course. My husband bought me an online interiors course which I hope will give me the confidence to do so much more. I sometimes feel like, that because I ‘fell into’ the interiors world and blogging that people might not trust me with my opinions and tips so I hope that the course will help me be more assertive and, in a way, prove to myself that I know what I’m talking about.


Knit and sew. I’ve been collecting so much yarn and lots of fabric that I’ve made most of my family homemade Christmas gifts for 2016. To make sure that I keep making things (whether my family likes it or not haha) I’ve bought more and I plan to share all of my exciting crafty projects on my blog, YouTube and social media. Be sure to join me.

Write a book. I would love to have the guts to write a book for all to judge. I have such a random mind, so many ideas but I have no idea how to put them together to make a story. In fact, I even completed an online children’s writing course last year but I’m still hitting a brick wall and not sure why. I know what I want but I don’t know how to plan it and put it into a tangible string of events. Plus, I do like to change my mind a lot. Anyway, 2017 means a fresh start and I promise myself to put a plan together and start writing no matter what.


Read more books. Long ago I completed A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones) novels, where you might recognise my jumper from! Anyway, I’ve just finished The Miniaturist, which has won awards and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed so I would for you to read too. Other books on my pile is Stephen King’s Danse Macabre because that’s the book of the month on Goodreads app at the moment, plus I have lots of his other works too that I want to read, courtesy of my friend who managed to pick them up at a charity shop for me, including Pet Cemetery. Also, I fancied some light reading… A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. After balling my eyes out watching The Theory of Everything I decided I want to know more. I have a couple of other books I’ve started to read too that I’ve not finished yet, such as The World According to Bob, the sequel to The Street Cat Named Bob, and An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro, given to me by a friend who is a big fan of the author. So, I recon that would keep me busy to the end of…February. What do you think? 😉

Sex with data. I love my job and working in search engine optimisation may seem boring to some but I enjoy consulting, managing and analysing, especially when it’s for the biggest retailer in the UK. I always strive to learn something new, so this year I’d like to get into grips with Adobe much more than I have been as well as Google Analytics and other platforms that we use for SEO. Although I use them a lot anyway I’d like to get to an advanced level.

Johanna Basford 2017 Coulouring Calendar. I received this awesome keepsake collection for Christmas and I am determined to have every single slip of paper coloured in. Yes, you saw that right, the colouring calendar has a drawing for each day of the year (with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays sharing.) I’ve no doubt that I’ll fall behind quickly but it doesn’t mean that I can’t go back to them when I’m feeling artistic on a particular day.

Home Improvements


Complete my home office. You might have seen on my Twitter when I won £1000 to spend at Laura Ashley. Well, with my winnings I decided to buy a new desk and chair for my home office that I’ve been redecorating for a while. I can’t wait to be able to work from home and write in my new lovely space. Don’t worry I’ll share a photo in February once it’s all sorted on my Instagram so be sure to check it out via @fairytaleprettypicture.

Save for a new bathroom. Although I don’t expect to have the money in 2017 for a new bathroom, I would definitely like to start saving for when we do. Unfortunately our bathroom upstairs is pretty old and falling apart. It also isn’t fully working so it’ll be a dream to get that sorted. Time to save those pennies 😉

Re-organise the garage. There’s always a room (or two) in the house that’s used as a tip, the garage is that place for us at the moment. It needs extreme sorting but it would have to wait until the weather picks up. Once it’s warmer I will definitely be out there, ripping out old planks that have been there for years and need to go to the dump and organising tools so that they all have their spot and never get lost again. Perhaps, I would even create a styling and photography area in the corner because I love my garage walls, which are a white brick.

Have a fence put up. Our neighbours have promised to put a fence up for about a year now and we’re still waiting. Even with us getting a puppy, they didn’t see the need to get one. Although it might seem as an advantage at first, especially as the pup has double the area to run around in… however, with the neighbours doing up their conservatory as well it seems that Casper loves to be naughty and go exploring. Yup, he’s brought home more than just a worker tool or two. Fingers crossed that a fence gets FINALLY fitted this year.

Growing Blog Readership and Social Media Following


I actually have very modest targets for my blog and social media this year. I don’t have much time to spend on my hobby as I work full time and I would also like to write a book so I’ve decided on the below.

  • 2k Instagram
  • 1k Facebook
  • 3k Twitter
  • 100 subscribers on YouTube

I hope it’s a realistic target, especially as I put a lot of effort into my styling, photography and posts.

Let me take this opportunity to also thank you for reading my blog and supporting me. I really hope that you enjoy what I write and create. Even if you simply visit my site once a year; thank you!

So, I’ve shared my 2017 goals. They’re not set in stone but it’s definitely a great place to start, so wish me luck 🙂

Share your 2017 goals with me in the comments below, I’d love to know what you have planned!

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.


  • January 11, 2017

    Mellissa Williams

    I try and learn something new every year. I learnt to salsa a few years ago and this year I am going to focus on learning how to use Pinterest and taking better photos.

  • January 11, 2017

    Newcastle Family Life

    These are great goals for the year ahead, I am sure you will manage them all especially the blog ones. Most of my goals for the year ahead are to do with decorating our new home and saving up for things for the home, a new bathroom is on my list too xx

  • January 11, 2017

    Deborah Nicholas

    You will smash those blog targets no problem! I have home improvement and read more on my lists this year too!

  • January 11, 2017

    Ana De- Jesus

    I would love to see you write a book, I used to write a lot of short stories and poems but have not done in a while. It is a good outlet for sure.

  • January 12, 2017


    Best of luck with your goals! This year I set up only one goal – to learn to live in the moment and appreciate more what I already have,

  • January 12, 2017


    Good luck with your goals. You have set some realistic targets so I am sure you will reach them

  • January 13, 2017


    Love your goals (and your sweater – where’s it from?!) Best of luck with smashing them all xx

  • January 13, 2017

    Fashion and Style Police

    Wow lucky you. £1000 to spend is a lot. Am sure you will get all sorts with that prize money.

  • January 14, 2017

    Kerry Norris

    You’ll get those blog targets I’m sure. I too want to read more books. I’m thinking of turning my phone off from a certain time and getting back into reading at night. X