My Wedding Dress

Being engaged for three years meant I could take my time when choosing my perfect wedding dress.

I tried this gorgeous fishtail wedding dress four times before finally buying it. I definitely had that ‘eurika’ moment the first time I tried it on and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when trying on other dresses too. I tried all shapes and types of dresses, for example the princess wedding dress (or my big fat Greek style wedding dress) also suited me but it just wasn’t as good as this lacey number…

White Rose – Lace Fishtail Wedding Dress

wedding dress front and back white rose r704 lace wedding dress on window sill lympne castle view wedding dress on steps train bride

White Rose Wedding Dress – Lottie Lew Bridal | Photography by Fleur Challis

It’s actually not a traditional white dress. It’s ivory lace on top of pearl satin which makes the lace stand out just that bit more.  I actually first tried it with champagne coloured fabric under the lace which has more of a yellow tinge and it went great with my then bleached blonde hair. Once I changed it back to my natural mousey blonde shade though I preferred the pink sparkle radiating from the pearl material.

I fell in love with the detail. Look past the remarkable lace work and notice the buttons running along the back; one straight vertical line, following through down to the last bit of material on the train. I think the belt is gorgeous too as it brought the fabrics together nicely.

It’s a fishtail dress and made from lace. I always found this wedding dress style sophisticated and I think it went perfectly with the castle as the venue too. It’s classic, plus the lace just adds that bit of ‘royalty’ to it, Kate Middleton after all did walk down the aisle in a laced wedding dress too… 😉

Now that the wedding day is over I am searching for an acceptable time to wear it again!

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