My Winter Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

Every year my mind runs wild with winter home styling ideas for Christmas.

I have to reign in my creativity as the ideas I come up with must be achievable by Christmas eve…so this year I decided on doing only three things.

1. Add Winter Plants to My Christmas Decor

I was lucky enough to have my mum doing my winter wedding flowers at the end of November so they came out absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be sure to share a photo once my professional photos comes through… Anyway, I was able to take a centrepiece or two apart and reuse some of the winter plants and accessories that were used, such as the Christmasy branch in my photos, to make it festive at home. I simply added the pinecones (also from my flowers) to the branch and then placed it in my living room.

2. Create a Cosy Space with Lighting

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve been struggling to get up in the mornings because it’s been so dark! I decided that the cutest fairy lights would make it much easier to see in the darkness without being too harsh on my drowsy eyes. It always looks super cute and cosy when fairy lights are around.

3. Focus on Luxury & Comfort

I decided to invest in throws and cushions this year so my living room looks like a lounge haven right now. I literally drown in my soft furnishings and voluntarily too! I also love my new super soft rug – it’s so stroke-able hehe.

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Mink Sheepskin Rug* – Matalan Direct | Fairy Lights – Amazon

I Must Have Matching Christmas Decorations!

When I was contacted by LionsHome, which is an online portal for home accessories and furniture comparison, I was really thankful because I personally thought that it was really good for browsing through Christmas decorations.

As I can be picky about the xmas decorations that I choose (because obviously they must fit into my Christmas theme of tartan red and green with sparkles of white!) this portal helped me find the cutest xmas hanging decorations and gorgeous Christmas tree lights. As it’s a comparison site that combines lots of different shops’ products, I could see things in my price range easily so I’d definitely be coming back to it for my other home bits in the New Year. I don’t know about you but I don’t care what shop my xmas home accessories are from as long as they look great with all of my other décor and that they’re affordable too of course 🙂

So, this is my way of creating a space that’s homey and festive as well as stylish for family and friends at Christmas. What have you done?

Need  more help with Christmas home decorating? Here’s my post on How to style your Christmas table.  



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