N1 Golf in Greenwich Blogger Event with Monarch

N1 Golf in Greenwich was a lot of fun!

Firstly, I was told I have a lot of pent up anger… being Russian I can be quite, well, feisty… so I can’t say I’m surprised haha. I very much enjoyed trying to hit the balls as hard as I can! My best drive was 76 yards but I’m not sure if that’s any good…?

I also had a lovely time because I met some cool new people and even bumped into a blogger friend – Erin, Haydy and Chynna.

Here are a few of my snaps (selfies with hashtag #GolfwithMonarch and #CheckThatBooty can be found on Twitter!)…

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A massive thanks to Monarch who sorted the golfing blogger event and arranged free wine and beer tasting at the Vinothec Compass Restaurant, which was absolutely divine and very much worth the headache the next morning 😉

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