Ornaments from the Outdoors: How to Decorate an Easter Plant Pot

It’s nearly Easter and with the extra long weekend it’s the perfect time for crafts.

I was set a craft challenge by Tiger Sheds who sent me a box full of buttons and Easter bits to help me decorate and create a garden ornament. So, I prowled my garden and found one of my favourite branches, I forgot what it’s called but it usually has fluffy white balls on the branch haha … if anyone knows what the plant is let me know but you can see it properly in my wedding decorations post as the branches were in my table centrepieces as well as bouquets.

How to Decorate and Paint a Plant Pot

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Buttons* and chick* from the Easter Craft Challenge by Tiger Sheds| Paint from Laura Ashley | Small Plant Pot from B&Q

What You Will Need

  • Plain plant pot
  • Paint
  • Buttons
  • Plants and flowers
  • An Easter chick
  • Glue
  • Masking Tape

Step One: Paint your plant pot

Create a horizontal line on your plant pot using masking tape. Paint that section by brushing the paint away from the masking tape (so that there are no smudges.) Set it aside to dry.

Step Two: Stick it down

Once the pot is dry and painted, glue the buttons and plants from your garden. I decided on the design before I stuck the decorative bits down so I recommend planning ahead too. It’s dead simple but super cute.

Step Three: Add the flowers

Once those decorations are stuck down safely all you need to do now is add your flowers. I used that mesh top – I’m lucky my mum is florist because that’s where I got mine from but I recon you’ll be able to find loads on eBay for your plant pots (and different sizes too.)

Don’t forget the finishing touches, like the Easter chick for that festive look!

What crafts are you doing this Easter weekend?

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