Pastel Perfect Nails with Barry M


I’m in sunny Spain and here’s a glimpse of my amazing view from the villa:

fashion beauty blogger on holiday in spain

Well, regardless of where I am on holiday I always like to have nice nails so for 2014 I chose two nail polish colours from the Barry M Silk Nail Effects collection to take with me…

Matte Nail Polish – Meadow from Barry M

barry m pastel blue nail polish

barry m nail polish pastel blue green holiday summery colours silk matte

I love teal at the best of times but this lovely pale turquoise (or Meadow as Barry M have called it) is fantastic, especially for the summer because pastels are trending. I like that it stands out from the usual berry colours that I wear – injecting a bit of colourful fun to my ordinary look.

Pastel Pink / Purple – Heather from Barry M

barry m silk nail polish purple pink green blue

barry m nail polish pastel purple summer colours silk collection

Now this beauty would match most of my outfits! As a lot of my summery clothes are patterned with pastel shades of purple or pink I find myself wearing this nail polish more often.

I tend to alternate from one to the other depending on my mood and outfit choice though – I do, after all, have plenty of free time on my hands this holiday so why not 🙂

Which shade is your favourite?



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