Perfectly Imperfect: LivingEtc House Tours 2015

Living Etc House Tours chic accessories colours and white

Thanks to I was invited to my first LivingEtc House Tour to explore beautiful interiors within houses in North London. I took the day as an opportunity to soak up as much interior styling tips as possible.

From amazing handmade centrepieces to antique furniture and more, there was plenty to find in these amazing homes. The most fascinating thing for me though was the fact that the smallest details were added to create a complete and ‘perfectly imperfect‘ look. What I mean by that is I was attracted to the decorations and accessories; the more stuff they had and the more detail, the more it mesmorised me.

It was the combination of items that you wouldn’t usually dream of putting together that worked perfectly as a whole!

shabby chic bedroom ideas centrepiece chair stand and cupboard diy shabby chic pink stand drawers and shelves interior crafts shabby chic living room idea patterns pastel shades and owl embroidered wallpaper eclectic birds and trees design
embroidered curtain of a girl holding umbrella victorian

When I use the term perfectly imperfect I also mean that these homes are actually places where people live. Everyone must have stuff, right? It’s just the way that you show it off that makes a difference between a hoarders home and an interior stylist’s masterpiece… Lets take the first image as example, did you notice the iron and ironing board in the corner? No, neither did I at first!

I’m also the kind of individual that appreciates the work and time that it takes to make something. I’m into my crafts, knitting and sewing etc. and these oftentimes mean finished pieces that aren’t 100% perfect because accidents happen – it’s simply life. So, I HAD to show you the beautiful hand embroidered wallpaper and curtain in the last couple of images. B E A U T I F U L!

Re-envisaging What you Have

patterned diy stool and wood storage box pastel blue chest DIY stand crafts interiors design diy books from a stand to hold radio technology victorian stand accessorised by green lampshade

Not only do I love crafts but I’m a big fan of upcycling too. I couldn’t pass without staring at the DIY stand holding the radio that’s made from the house owner’s few favourite books or the colourful stool made from what looks like a bucket?! It also amazes me how interior designers can re-envisage their items to make them standout, like the lampshade that’s used as decor to add a pop of modern colour to the room. It isn’t used as a lampshade at all! Plus, don’t you think adding legs to an old storage chest and repainting it is such a cute idea for a bedside table too?

I was simply awed during the house tours and can’t wait to put my new knowledge into practice. Many thanks to who invited me 🙂

I took so many photos from the day that I had a hard time deciding what images to show you, so I’ve decided to split them up in themes. I’ve posted about the magnificent and tranquil gardens as well, so be sure to take a look.

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