Rosemary Olive Oil Recipe

I’m making a Christmas hamper for family this Christmas! I was thinking of new and exciting bits to include in the hamper so I’ve found this rosemary olive oil recipe and tried it out. It’s dead simple and takes about 15 minutes for preparation and putting together!

rosemary herbs in an olive oil for christmas hamper

What You’ll Need

Olive oil

Fresh rosemary

An oil pot or bottle

Rosemary Olive Oil Recipe

You don’t cook this as such, but warm it up instead. Warm the oil up in a pan so that it’s luke warm and add the rosemary before you do so too. Be sure not to make it hot as you don’t want the rosemary to burn or fry. Let the oil and rosemary infuse for about 10 minutes whilst it is luke warm and it’s ready to be potted!

Add the oil into your bottle and don’t forget to keep some fresh rosemary for it too so that it looks nice!

Top Tip: to measure out how much oil you’ll need, pour the oil into the bottle before you put it into the pan to warm up.  

rosemary in an olive oil recipe for hamper xmas celebration

Enjoy the recipe and I really hope you love the aromatic oil – I think it smells gorgeous! 🙂


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