Ted Baker Eau De Toilette – Polly

I commute to work, which means I pass a lot of people on the national rail, tube and work too. So, I’ve recently taken a habit of carrying around a small bottle of perfume… just in case!

Here’s a neat looking, perfectly bag sized eau de toilette that my mum bought me for Christmas – it’s Ted Baker’s Polly. Straight away the name reminds me of a cute little girl, probably from one of those classical books, you know? The packaging describes her as a ‘sweetheart with a wild streak’ so there’s clearly that naughty side to her – a bit like a prude Victorian who’s repressing a darker side to her 😉

I’m not surprised that the scent matches that image perfectly though. The scent is sweet and tender but clearly has an underlined spicy aftertaste. So, without personifying the scent of Polly too much (it seems I read too many books lol) I shall leave it by saying that it’s basically perfect for every day or for when I’m rushing off for a meal and drinks after work.

ted baker designer eau de toilette perfum polly beauty blog review of ted baker designer eau de toilette polly ted baker cute bottle perfume polly   What perfume are you carrying in your bag these days?

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  • February 2, 2015


    I love the packaging for this! It looks amazing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com