Thank You Card Ideas for Wedding Guests

Nearly five months have passed since Mr Ghost and I got married.

It took me a while but I finally finished making, buying or giving our wedding guests thank you cards. I’m still due to actually pass these onto a few relatives but better late than never right? šŸ˜‰

Anyway, in the photo below you’ll seeĀ a personalised card from Zazzle* (which I love for anything personalised by the way!) I simply uploaded a photo in a set template and it looks fantastic. I used a photo of all of the guests at the wedding – what do you think?

How to Make Your Own Thank You Cards Step by Step using Water Colours

thank you cards for wedding guests DIY and zazzle personalised cards

What you Will Need:

  • Card – I used textured white card I bought on eBay
  • Water Colour paints and brushes
  • A pen/marker
  • A small glass of water

Step One:

Take your card and use masking tape to secure it to any clear surface.

Step Two:

Brush on clear water onto the centre of the paper, working outwards. Don’t cover all of the paper with the water because we’ll be using the water to help us spread the colour of the water paints.

Step Three:

Then, starting on one side dab on water colour paint using a small brush. Then spread your colour using the water to guide you to the opposite side of the card.

Step Four:

Clean your brush and then add a different colour. Blend the two colours together to make an ombre effect by brushing the two colours (or even mixing) them together. Finish all of your colours and then let it dry before writing ‘Thank You’ on the card in the centre.

Top Tip: if you find that your card is getting to dry again then add more clear water. Don’t add too much though because the card might curl up!

See, it’s superĀ simple!

But, ifĀ I confused you with the above or you’re more of a watching and copying kind of person (like me) then feel free to have a look at my video guide below.

(I apologise for the quality of it in advance though as I used an old camera.)

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