The Decorative Oriental Elephant

I like to know the history of decorative pieces! For example where did this oriental elephant (statue?!) come from and what does it mean to the person who owns the home.

oriental interior design room ideas white blue elephant statue decoration

interior design ideas elephant blue and white decor


elephant decor interior design statue decorating ideas

I found it in the villa I was staying on holiday and think it’s beautifully artistic and hope there is a meaningful reason for its existence in the place. It immediately fascinated me actually and I like the blue and white design that’s moulded together to create a sort of base for something? Very intriguing! (well i think so anyway… hehe)

It looks like it was made from a ceramic material and then glazed with gloss (I did this in school a very long time ago so forgive me if I’m incorrect), so it’s clearly hand made right? This makes it even more interesting; someone took a long time to create this beauty so I shall cherish it… or at least it’s pictures as I couldn’t take it home… (it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase 😉 and then again, imagine my bill for the baggage overweight charges haha!!)

Where do you imagine it came from and symbolizes?

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