The Taste of Teatox Pure Beauty Tea

Thanks to Teatox for sending me their organic Pure Beauty tea that relaxed and purified me.

Firstly, let me begin to say that I like their philosophy. It’s simple but it expresses all the qualities that a good tea blend should have – not only does Teatox say that it should have a great taste but they want to encourage good health and the drinker’s wellbeing. That’s exactly why I felt purified drinking the tea 🙂

TeaTox Pure Beauty tea review

tea leaves pure beauty by teatox

brewing tea pure beauty by teatox tea brand

drinking pure beauty tea review

pure beauty tea review by teatox sample

Although I poured hot water into my cup with the tea leaves, I did remove them after letting it brew using a muslin cloth. The reason being is that my tea-strainer broke not long ago :(. So if you prefer, just use a tea strainer and leave it in for about 5 minutes (depending on how strong you like your herbal teas). I actually enjoyed seeing the organic blend that was in my tea – not only did it have the usual leaves but flower buds too and the aroma from my cups were mouth-watering!

My Pure Beauty tea blend consisted of white tea, pineapple, lemon grass, nettle leaves, red clover blossoms, heartsease, orange blossoms, olive leaves, burdock root, chamomile blossoms and ginger root. I was happy that the ginger was subtle and not overpowering at all! Nearly all of the above ingredients were originally farmed too 🙂

As you can imagine, as a person who drinks a lot of tea I must have a taste for the best and I can certainly say that as my own tea expert lol this one is definitely a tea to treasure.



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