Time to Give Summer the Boot

knee high boots with buckle

Sorry to say folks but it seems Summer barely touched us with her slippery fingers before she slithered away…

If you’ve not noticed the rainfall recently then you’ve clearly haven’t stepped outside. Anyway, instead of me moaning about the usual UK weather and how we never get any sunshine, I want to celebrate the fact that I can finally wear my favourite boots again!

Black buckled ankle boots by Henry Holland at Debenhams

Black Boots w/ Buckles – Henry Holland | Debenhams

black ankle boots from next

Sleek Everyday Boots – Next

Knee High Boots featured in main image are old | similar at Jones Bootmaker

I wear them all to work and when out and about with the girls. As they’re comfortable I can last the whole day in them without my feet hurting so the ankle ones are usually my ‘go-to’ boots when going shopping 😉

So, these are always the few footwear choices that I alternate between. They’re stylish, they go with anything and most importantly they protect my feet from the rain. Do you have a favourite pair of boots?




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