Tips for Planting Herbs at Home

I finally started growing herbs at home.

With the help of Ricola, a Swiss herbal sweets brand, I planted coriander and parsley seeds for the very first time.

When I was little I would always enjoy watching whilst my mum did gardening. From her proud tomato bush to an exotic variant of a shrub, she would water and prune them one by one. She’s a florist, so she always brought home rare plants and I don’t exaggerate that she brought back an array of cacti too, which she showed off (and has many of them still to this very day) on her window sill. This year, I’m determined to make my mother proud – I will grow herbs that bloom, let alone survive, the season!

What I used and how I started my herb gardening project

Firstly, I painted my wooden crate black so that it matches my pot and the DIY ladder, by yours truly. I then used a thick black plastic bag to line the base of the crate (that I cut to size) and filled the very bottom with broken tiles (to create space under the soil so that it can drain when it’s watered. After that, I poured in the potting mix on top of that layer, leaving about an inch or two from the top.

Adding the seeds from the packet was easy. I simply opened the sachets and sprinkled them on top of my compost. It is recommended that you usually leave some space between each… but I’m lazy and thought I’d try my luck. Plus, I checked YouTube and others didn’t seem to do it either so fingers crossed. Lastly, I added about a centimeter of soil on top of the seeds and watered it all thoroughly.

I couldn’t have done a good job without my gardening tools. The spade was perfect for filling the crate with soil whilst the rake made great indents for the seeds. As I halved the crate, so that on one side was one set of seeds and the other was on the right, I used BBQ sticks and cut around the titles of the seeds on the packet to create my DIY labeling system for my new eco-herb-system.

I would no doubt be nowhere to be seen though without my Ricola sweets for motivation 😉

So here we are. My very own herb garden looks ready to grow.

I’ve waited a week and I can see a ONE teeny tiny seed peeking through the soil so I’m totally eager to see the others come out as well. I’ve spoken to Ricola though and no sweat, it takes 7 – 60 for germination… so I’ve got a while to wait yet. I really hope that my coriander and basil survive the summer… and my forgetful watering.

Anyway, I will add pictures to show you my progress throughout the summer, so wish me luck 🙂

Have you ever grown your own herbs at home? 

*Thank you to Ricola who sent me the gardening set to start my very own herb garden. All opinions are my own.



Herb garden

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