Travel: My Visit to Rome’s Colosseum

Well, you probably know that I got married last month and so a couple of days later we went abroad.

We called it our mini-moon because we’re planning a two week cruise in the summer. As I’ll be travelling under my new name, *Alina Ghost* eek, we decided that it’ll be our honeymoon then 🙂

The Colosseum – Rome

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Fedora hat – Market in Italy | Beige polo neck – Petit Bateau* | Faux fur gilet – Debenhams

It really did fascinate me that here was the first and only place in the world where a leader decided to build this gigantic Colosseum to appease the people. I was told that there have been other gladiator arenas however none at this scale.

We took a tour with Special Quality Time Tour and found out so many interesting things. The tour guide had impeccable knowledge and was able to answer the strangest questions asked by one of the tourists.

Here were my top most interesting facts that I learnt that day:

  • Gladiators were provided with food, shelter and women but not money so that they could never buy their own freedom.
  • There were different types of gladiators; slaves that were bought off the market (usually foreigners who were captured after battle); trained orphans who were devoted to a particular family; and ex-battlemen, usually retired soldiers who needed money (as being a gladiator was very risky business this was rare and they would have only battled once or twice in their lives in the Colosseum.)
  • You would have had to pay an incredible amounts of money to see a gladiator die.
  • Each gladiator would be trained to be unique in battle in order to entertain the crowds.

My Outfit at the Colosseum:

As it’s winter and it was really rainy that day in Rome when we decided to go to visit the Colesseum so I decided to snuggle up in my gilet and use my large hat as a shield (if you pardon the pun…) I felt lucky to have brought my lovely roll-neck with me on the trip that Petit Bateau kindly provided. It’s the perfect way to keep warm under the sleeveless jacket and add layers to my outfit; after all I’m a sucker for comfort.

I am gutted though and I’ll tell you why. Unfortunately I lost my hat in The Vatican Museum 🙁 (sad times.) I had it under my arm to take photographs and then after a while I realised I don’t have it any more. We went all the way back to the beginning but it wasn’t there. We even asked security and lost property! It seemed that someone took a liking to my new Italian fedora but at least I can say I’ve left a piece of me in Rome hehe.

Anyway, I loved looking at Ancient Rome and would recommend that you do too some day. I don’t even think that you need longer than a couple of days to explore.

Have you traveled to the Colosseum?




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