Upcycling Ideas for Upstyling Furniture & Windows

books on upstyling and upcycling tutorials basic skills

Upcycling is an essential skill that I want to perfect!

Growing up in a poor family meant that I quickly learnt to do things myself. I didn’t have the money to buy my doll new clothes so I sewed her new outfits (you’ll find photos in the About Me section). So, it’s no surprise that DIY interior projects became my hobby when I grew up.

I therefore dedicate this page to my upcycling projects that I’ll be completing with the help of the two books below.

Upstyle Your Furniture Book by Stephanie Jones

Upcycling furniture ideas and diy book by stephanie jones

I upcycled a worn wooden unit I bought from Gumtree into a monochrome writing bureau (15/06/15)

Upstyle Your Windows Book by Hannah Stanton

upcycling windows ideas and diy book by hannah stanton

I used this book to help me style my bathroom window. I created a colourful roll-up blind with Bluebellgray fabric (05/07/15)

Keep checking back as I will be updating the page with my upcycling and upstyling projects

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