How to use an Ancient Lucet Knitting Kit to Braid

A friend brought back this awesome ancient lucet knitting (chain fork) device after being on holiday as they knew that I love my crafts. It fascinated me as I’ve never come across it before so here’s how you use it…

Lucet knitting beginners basics blog

How to Cast On for Lucet Knitting

cast on lucet knitting braid crafts blog

  • Put one end of the wool through the hole.
  • Hold it there whilst you make a figure of eight on the fork.
  • You’re now ready to braid

How to Braid using Lucet Knitting

how to braid lucet knitting tutorial basics

loop over to braid for lucet knitting easy how to tutorial

  1. Once you’ve created your figure of eight, create another in the same way (go the same way as you did the first time to ensure a nice patterned finish)
  2. Then use the pick to lift the bottom loop over the top loop and tighten the wool gently
  3. Do the same on the other side
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 until you braided your desired length

How to Cast Off for Lucet Knitting

how to cast off lucet knitting tutorial crafts blogger

  • Slip both loops off the fork.
  • Cut the loose wool, leaving a few inches, and braid it into the loops.
  • Gently tighten the loose wool and you’re done!

What Can you Make with Lucet Knitting

From friendship bracelets to coasters you can now braid using an ancient Lucet device.

Top Tip: why not experiment with the braiding by tightening differently. A tight braid will be thinner whilst a loose braid can create a completely different finish 🙂

Here’s my Pinterest board full of Lucet knitting ideas!

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