Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him in the Kitchen

Do you remember that Friends episode (The One with Unagi) where Monica forgets to make a present for Chandler and tells him…

“I’ll cook anything you want in here [points to the kitchen] and do anything you want in there [points to the bedroom]”

So, as I grew up being constantly told that the way to a man’s heart is his belly I think it’s a pretty good reason to cook a romantic meal and celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day. Nobody wants to spend tones of money these days on a commercialised holiday anyway so lets show them that we care with delicious food instead.

Below are recipe ideas for Valentine’s Day that I’m sure your partner will love.

Superfood, Super Sexy

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Spoon rest and Superfood recipe book* both Amara

I don’t know about you but January and February is a time for clean eating. After Christmas I definitely don’t fancy eating anything heavy so when it comes to Valentine’s Day I want a meal that’s easy and light on the stomach. I found loads of healthy Valentines meal ideas in my new Superfood book, below is one that I slightly changed to fit the things I had in my cupboard…

Coconut and Almond Quinoa with Stewed Plums


Asparagus, the Aphrodisiac Vegetable

It turns out that there are a few foods that are aphrodisiacs and increase the sex drive. Apart from oysters one of my favourites is asparagus. It tastes gorgeous with almost anything, I particularly like it with fish though. As the vegetable can be expensive we don’t often eat asparagus so it’s definitely a treat when it comes to eating it on the 14th of Feb. I found two great meal ideas with asparagus that I wanted to share with you:

One-pan salmon with roast asparagus

Grilled chicken with asparagus and white bean salad


Classic Banana Bread

banana bread out of the oven

My family banana bread recipe is scrumptious (if I do say so myself) and it’s a real treat. I eat it buttered whereas my husband likes it plain. I’ve even tried it toasted before which makes it taste even more gorgeous when the chocolate bits within are melted slightly. Anyway, as I leave this recipe for special occasions it makes the banana bread special too. I bake and we enjoy it together straight out of the oven 🙂

Try it yourself; use my classic banana bread recipe.


Winter Warming

I recommend that you use a slow cooker as it will free up your whole day. You’ll be able to do whatever you like whilst your awesome meal is stewing. Perfect for a Valentine’s night in I recommend the two winter warming recipes below:

Slow cooker beef and winter vegetable stew

Kale and ale slow cooker stew (vegan)


Anyway, in case you’ve not noticed I love cooking, baking and recipe making… plus I love my tea so don’t forget to check the rest of my food ideas out. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day x

What will you be eating this Valentine’s Day?


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