Vienna: City Architecture, Opera and Pick Pockets

Vienna is a city with class.

It has the most beautiful architecture, sophisticated coffee shops and, most importantly, the tastiest cakes EVER. The capital city of Austria also boasts many artistic and intellectual individuals, to name but a few that you will no doubt recognise are; Freud (psychologist); Johann Strauss (composer); Wagner (architect). My main fascination of the city stems from its multiculturalism and the mixture of creative elements with which it encourages it’s inhabitants.

owl sculpture building in vienna in the city centre

Polina Blochina Photography

Polina Blochina Photography

The Viennese Opera House

On our first night in Vienna we went to the the renowned Opera House in the city central to see, also just as famous, the performance of La Boheme. As our trip was for my mum’s 50th birthday I know she loved every bit of it. Without ruining the story there were a lot of tears towards the end and the auditorium didn’t want to stop clapping as the curtains went down. Absolutely worth going to even if you’re not a fan of Opera as it’s such a classic.

The Original Recipe for Sacher cake in Sacher Hotel

Being one of those people who ‘plays it by ear’ and somewhat busy in the run up to my weekend away in Vienna I didn’t know that there was a special cake in Vienna that caused much fuss when it first came about. A relative who was also on the trip with us offered me a piece of cake to try and although I was so stuffed from my hotel breakfast (where I ate cake for breakfast…) I still nibbled a little bit and politely declined the rest. Little did I know however that the cake was the famous Sacher cake and that we were dining within the Sacher hotel – I simply thought it was a posh little place opposite the Opera building…

Sacher cake reminded me a lot of red velvet. It was very sweet though and as if it was dipped in a liqueur of some sort. Whether it was the questionable service or my full stomach… or both, to be frankly honest I wasn’t very impressed. Only later, on the tour bus, where the famous history of the cake was described to us through out headphones did I realise it was one and the same.

timberland boots and rocket ship bag fashion bloggers

Polina Blochina Photography

Vienna urban roads travel blog

Polina Blochina Photography

Sacher hotel cake and tea alina ghost

Polina Blochina Photography

Boots – Timberland | Rocket ship bag – Accessorize | Jumper – gift | Scarf – Asos

Bus and Walking Tours

As a group of 10 ladies we absolutely loved the bus tours. We had a pass for the whole day and enjoyed hopping on and off buses around the city to see more of the areas we liked the look of, from the well known theme park (from the movie The Third Man) to the modern parks of Vienna urbanity – we saw it all in one day (albeit briefly.)

My mum loved the walking tour the most, she said. You get to really find out the history, philosophy and culture of the Viennese and get a look behind the city walls and into the streets of Vienna. The tour guy was also great and gave us lots of recommendations that we could have very much made use of… if we knew about them at the beginning of our visit and not the end. Either way we got to see the beautiful horse, the amazing architecture and churches and palaces that surround the abundantly architectural city.

Galleries & Places to See in Vienna

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the painting that was talked about a lot during all of our tours and that was ‘The Kiss’ but we did get to go into Albertina Gallery where we spotted a painting of Monet’s lily-pads. My mum in law and I really enjoyed the walking and gazing into the different art. If I remember correctly there were halls on expressionism and post-modernism, plus other art movements. I really liked that one artist was able to dabble in a number of artistic expressions rather than just draw in one way and that’s it. Anyway, I’d very much recommend it.

I Was Pickpocketed Whilst Shopping

So on our final day in Vienna, my new iPhone 6S that I’ve had for about a month was stolen from my coat pocket. People say time and time again that taking every precaution against thieves when abroad is vital and all of that went streaming through my mind as I felt my empty pockets. I was stung and stunned. I didn’t even cry because I simply felt outwitted. They were so damn good that I didn’t feel a thing – BRAVO.

No I didn’t have travel insurance and the blunt reason for that is because I bought my travel insurance for my honeymoon (Caribbean Cruise) that was to me a couple months after Vienna simply because I was worried about it that little bit more… It’s now 3 weeks away and I’m taking extra precautions for when I’m travelling around Mexico, the Bahamas and more – don’t you worry! 😉

There is truthfully not much else I can say. That’s £600 down the drain and I can’t currently afford to buy a new one outright again so I’m simply using my old iPhone 4S and putting up with it’s super slow, grainy photos, fingerprint scan-less abilities. For the love of God, get a coat with zip pockets people… please.

Have you been to Vienna? If yes, what did you like most and if not are you planning to?

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.


  • April 20, 2016


    Oh no, that sucks about your phone! Pickpocketing is one of my biggest fears while travelling, it’s scary how common it is and how sneaky thieves can be. Other than that it sounds like an amazing trip, Vienna looks and sounds beautiful!

    • April 20, 2016


      It was a horrible feeling but I had such an amazing time it didn’t affect my want to go back to Vienna! Thanks for your sympathies Cara – really appreciate it 🙂 xx

  • April 21, 2016


    My nan was from Austria and she always wanted to take me to Vienna. I would love to visit, it looks amazing.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • April 21, 2016


      Alice, that’s pretty cool and you should definitely take than chance to explore 🙂 it’s pretty awesome indeed x

  • April 23, 2016


    I was in Wien a many times and I love this city, it is amazing place 🙂 I love shopping parks I love nature parks around river, the modern side of this city and also historic side.
    BTW. in Brno in Czech republic is many builds which are similar such as in Wien. The same people suggested buildings in Brno and in Wien.