Our Wedding Decorations at Lympne Castle

You may know that I got married in November.

The big day raced towards me and ended just as quickly as it arrived. It was my perfect day.

I now have all of the professional photos, taken by photographer Fleur Challis and her husband, and so I’m finally sharing some with you 🙂

As there are so many pictures though, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve split them up. So, below are the wedding decorations at our wedding in Lympne Castle, Kent.

Teal Blue Wedding Decorations & Cake

wedding cake with bride lifted by groom topper blue teal chair bows castle
Well, my favourite colour has been teal for many years now. I find the unique shade really appealing and soothing too. That’s why I knew immediately that that’s the colour for our wedding.

We had a lovely lady called Tania do our chair bows (Bows Chair Covers) and Kemi from Mon Delices Cakes bake our delicious wedding cake.

Our Wedding Table Decorations

lympne castle blue teal wedding decoration winter ideas blog

I managed to find the beautiful wedding menu cards from Zazzle that matched the teal theme perfectly. We were very happy with our choices on the menu itself too because we haven’t actually heard of a venue that allowed for three different options for starter, main and dessert. We were given some great recommendations from the Lympne castle wedding organiser. nom!

In terms of those beautiful flowers, these were done by my very own mum. She has been a florist for over a decade and you certainly can tell because everything was magnificent. The table flowers, the ceremony baskets and of course our bouquets were the loveliest of arrangements. I especially liked how there was a subtle hint of teal and a ‘winter’ theme as well. Thanks so much mum if you’re reading this 🙂

Email me on [email protected] to inquire about my mum’s wedding flower service (Essex & London only)

My Handmade Handpainted Russian Dolls as Wedding Favours

handmade handpainted russian dolls craft ideas

I wanted to add a personal touch to my wedding and give a favour to our special family and friends that they can keep. So, I worked out that I needed 210 Russian dolls to paint in time for my wedding because I wanted each dinner guest to get a set of three. With the help of my best friends they were all finished in time and I loved each one; somewhat like a mother loving all her children.

Firstly, I imported them all from Russia so they took a while to arrive. Then I had to spray paint them all the right colours and only once they’ve dries we were able to hand paint those cute things. Plus, each one is special…

Little Russian Doll – this one represents the bride (me) and is the side of the tip of a finger. Very cute.

Medium Russian Doll – in case you’ve not guessed it, that’s the groom. If you’re wondering why he’s mostly white… well that’s because my groom is a Ghost hehe.

Large Russian Doll – Now, the largest of the three Russian dolls represents the more traditional design but the twist is the date and a heart symbol to represent our love 😉

In case you’re wondering… yes, they all do fit into each other like Russian dolls are meant to!

Love is Sweet – Our Sweets Wedding Table

love is sweet table wedding decor ideas blog

The hubby goes ga-ga for sweeties so his elder sister gifted us with a ‘Love is Sweet’ selection that you see in the above photos. We had haribos, chocolates and choc coins too. I painted ordinary glass jars white and decorated them with teal ribbon into which we put the sweets and lollypops. Hubby’s little sister made an amazing job decorating the table using the stands, personalised bag holders and what a good idea about spreading the chocolate coins all around too. I can assure you that most (if not all) of our guests were seen unashamedly filling up their bags 😉

Our Unique Handmade Wedding Decorations

large letter G and knitted bride and groom

You might recognise the letter G from my ‘How to Make a Wodden Alphabet Letter‘ post. I made it myself and have a tutorial that shows you how to make one too. It’s probably my first wooden work since school and I’m very proud of it!

How fantastic are our knitted bride and groom? My friend is an amazing knitter and crafts-lady and I’m still amazed at her talent because I absolutely adore this couple and can’t believe that she made them herself. She had even got the colours down to a T. Thanks so much Sarah!

Personalised Wedding Decor

photography bunting vintage wedding decoration ideas copy

Decorating a wedding venue can be hard, especially as there’s so much spaces to fill so this photo bunting from Buntella* was well received. I chose our favourite photos from the last 8 years that we were together and then they were printed on this strong fabric. It was super easy to simply take it out of the decorations box and hang it because it didn’t get creased and didn’t take up much space either. Many thanks for the wedding gift, we love it.

Lympne Castle Ceremony Room

lympne castle ceremony room and wedding programs uk blog kent essex london

Last but not least is our magnificent ceremony room. The first time we saw Lympne Castle we fell in love with it. It’s traditional, warm and welcoming too. My mum made brilliant flower basket arrangements to go next to the seats and we had wedding programs that matched our menus. This room has a great amount of character we think.

What do you think of our wedding decorations?

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