What to Wear on a Date this Valentine’s Day

If you know me… you’ll know that I have quite a simple yet sophisticated style (If I do say so myself haha.)

What I really mean is that I usually go for something that’s easily smart/casual and can be dressed up or down. So that’s exactly the style I’d recommend for this Valentine’s Day!

peter hahn coat

Beware of high heels. If it’s your first date then wearing high heeled shoes is risky and I’ll explain why. Firstly, what if your date is shorter than you expected, you don’t want to emasculate him on the first date by towering over him! Secondly, don’t wear high heels if you know you’ll have to walk far – be it from home to the station or from the bus station to the restaurant. Finally, if all it takes is a couple of glasses of wine to make your head spin then, either don’t drink or don’t wear high heels just in the case of making a fool of yourself by falling flat on your face and ruining your lovely date.

Then again if you love high shoes like I do and know that you won’t be on your feet much or can take your alcohol – or simply don’t care… then go for it. Remember wedged shoes are the most comfortable shoes ever!

Grab a coat. Don’t be silly and cover yourself up with a stylish coat to keep you warm. Don’t forget that you’ll be able to take it off for your dinner so he’ll see what your meticulously planned outfit is anyway – but this way you won’t be catching a cold. I love this long and sleek mac above, I’ve always thought they’re super sexy.

peter hahn beige clothing

Dig out the pastel colours. From pastel pink and blues to natural beige, wear something light and cheerful as you don’t want to look gloomy on your date. It’s a beautiful fashion trend as it can truly show off natural beauty and make you look magnificent. Experiment with different shades of the same colour too for a fab effect.

tweed coat

Wear a sleek and sexy jacket. I would personally wear a dress to a date with my beloved fiancé so a jacket fits perfectly, but then even if you’re a jeans person you can easily put on a smart jacket and a sexy top to create an allurig outfit that’s also actually comfortable…

What would you recommend to wear on a Valentine’s Day date? I’d love to read your suggestions.

All images from Peter Hahn

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